Adam Savage Net Worth

Adam Whitney Savage is an American actor & effect designer. He is also a producer, fabricator, television personality, educator, and a former co-host. In the TV program, Adam Savage worked as a host which premiered on 14 June 2019 on Science Channel.

He is best known for the series “Mythbusters”. He also knew for model making work like – star wars. He is a toymaker and animator. He also worked in the film industry and contributes academically as a tutor at the University of San Francisco.  In 2020 his net worth becomes “$10 million”. 

Net Worth in 2022

Adam Savage’s net worth becomes $10 million in October 2022. Star Wars became very popular in which he worked as a model maker, earning $649 million worldwide.

He also earns his mostly net worth by working in the popular TV series “Mythbusters” for 14 seasons. He successfully gave the audience an amazing experience through his art, science show, and his many professional contributions.

Main Earning Source

Adam Savage did various types of works like – host, actor, tutor, etc. But his main earning source is YouTube. In 2020 Tested channel got over 6 million subscribers. It can get 700,000 views in a day from different sources. The ads shown on the videos generated revenue of around $3,500 per day and $1.3 million in a year.


Adam Savage is famous for the “Mythbusters series” which is published on discovery channel. He is also known for model making work for major animation movies like – Star Wars. He worked on various sides like – the film industry, fabricator, host, co-host, designer, tutor, model maker, etc. He builds a channel name ‘tested’. And work as a host in the science show. He also works as a special effect designer, producer, and teacher at San Francisco University.

Early Life

Adam Savage was born in New York City on (15 July 1967). He grew up with his siblings from former marriages of his parent’s.  Whitney Lee Adam’s father was a random artist. At a young age, he became interested in making machines and tinkering. 

During youth, he becomes interested in acting. “Sesame Street” allowed him to voice acting roles in the series. He spent 5 years in an acting school. At 19 years old he has aimed for a career which is about working with his hands.

Personal life

Adam Savage married Julia Ward on 11 September 2004. He lives in – San Francisco. He has twin sons named – “Addison Savage, Riley Savage” from his previous relationship. Savage has a great interest in cosplay and making the costume. In 2020 June Miranda Pacchiana, savage’s younger sister filed a lawsuit against him alleging, he repeatedly raped her when they were children.


In childhood, Adam started his career as a voice artist On the TV show “Sesame Street”. After high school graduation, he continued his acting by playing music videos.In 1990 he went to San Francisco and worked for various companies like – set designer, art director, Coca-Cola, Nike, etc. Then he worked in a toy company as an R&D department head. After working 18 months he went to the film industry. 

Nowadays He is working on

Interesting Facts

Adam Savage is an interesting person. He successfully gives people an amazing experience through his work. Some interesting fact about him given below –

  • He was always imaginative and innovative
  • He is a creative person from child to old 
  • His inventions were amazing.

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