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Net worth

According to Celebrity net worth Bobby Knight has a net worth of $15 million U.S Dollar. 


Main Earning Sources

Bobby Knight is a former basketball coach. He is one of the most famous couches in the entire basketball world. Few years back he retired from basketball coaching and entered ESPN as a commentator. His main earning source was from there (Coaching). But we found nothing special about his earnings nowadays.



You will hardly find people in the basketball world who don’t know Bobby knight. He was a legend player at his time and also is a legend coach. In my opinion, there are very few coaches in basketball who have as many achievements as Bobby. Bobby’s career has also had ups and downs but he focused on his gameplay. Bobby is actually known as a coach more than a player. While he was working with Indiana Hoosiers his performance was very appreciating. As a coach he was very promising since his start of the career. He developed the ‘motion offense’ technique in Basketball. 


Early Life

According to wikipedia Bobby Knight was born on 25th October, 1940. Knight was born and grew up in Ohio. Since his childhood Bobby loved sports. His playing career started while he was a high school boy. His high school was Orrville High School which is located in Ohio.  He achieved many fame and reputation for his institution with his excellent skill in Basketball. Bob won 902 NCAA Division I men’s college basketball games, which was a record at the time of his retirement. As there were full of star players at his time while playing for the Ohio State team, Bob usually got scant playing time. But this time was enough for him to impact the result. Bob got his degree of history and government in 1962 from Ohio State University.


Legal Issues

After researching Bobby Knight’s Career, we found many legal issues regarding his attitudes. According to wikipedia, we found that bobby was once arrested in Puerto Rico for misconduct with a police officer. It’s often seen that Bob represents a violent nature and many times he was accused of verbal conflict with the member of the press conference. 


Personal LIfe

Bobby Knight’s real name is Robert Montgomery Knight. He first married Nancy Falk in 1963. They had two sons, Tim and Pat. In 1985, Bob and Nancy separated. Again in 1988 Bob married Karen Vieth Edgar, who was a basketball coach.



Bobby Knight’s career can be divided into two sections. 1. His Playing Career. 2. His Coaching Career.


Playing Career

As a player Bob started his professional basketball career Orrville High School. He was doing well and then he moved to the Ohio State Basketball Team, where he played under Fred Taylor. Fred Taylor was a Basketball Hall of Fame Coach. As Bob was a high school star player, bob was used to playing a reserve player role, as there were many star players in the team. Bob got very little time when he got a chance to play. But he could play a vital role in any moment which can turn into a dramatic moment in the game. This Ohio State Team Won NCAA Championship.


Coaching Career

Bobby Knight Coaching Career started with Army Black Knights in 1963 after a year of his graduation from Ohio State University. He joined the Army Black Knights as an assistant coach. Later on, after two year he was promoted to head coach of the team. Bob worked with the team for at least six seasons and won 102 games.

In 1971, Bob was hired as the head coach for the basketball team by Indiana University. He spent most of the time of his career with Indiana. He spent at least 29 year with Indiana University before leaving. In this 29 year, Knights have won 662 games within 22 seasons with a winning percentage of 73.5%.


Just before the NCAA Tournament The CNN Sports Published a report that Neil Reed, a former player of Indiana, Claimed that Knight Choked him during practice session in 1997. At first Knight refused the claim, but later on footage was published which shows that knight was touching the neck of Neil. Later on, Bob was asked to provide a resignation letter but he refused to do that. But the authority in charge, fired him.


Bob Started again with Texas Tech in 2001. During his six year with Texas Tech, Bob was able to bring dramatic results for the team. Under Bobby Knight, the team was able to secure 126 wins with winning 21 games on average per season. 


Knight announced his retirement on February 8, 2008.  After his retirement ESPN hired his as a studio analyst and commentator. In 2015, ESPN announced that they are not going to renew the contract with Bobby knight.


Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Bobby Knights:

  • The real name of Bobby Knight is ‘Robert Montgomery Knight’
  • He often referred as ‘’The General’’
  • He worked with Indiana Hoosier for about 29 years.
  • His winning percentage was 73.5%.
  • After retiring from Texas Tech, Bob’s son Pat became the head coach of the basketball team.
  • Bobby was the inventor of motion offense technique in Basketball.


Latest News

  • On February 8, 2020, Knight went to see Indiana game upon an invitation. He went there after 20 year since his dismissal.
  • Bobby Knight and His wife purchased a home for them in Bloomington for $572,500 in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bobby Knight


  • Is Bobby Knight Died?


Ans: No. Bobby Knight is still alive.


  • How old is Bobby Knight This Year?


Ans: He is 79 years old.


  • How many sons Bobby Knight has?


Ans: Bobby Knight has 2 sons. Tim and pat


  • Where is Bobby Knight living right now?


Ans: Bobby Knight is living in Bloomington right now.


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