BOE Sosa Net worth

Net worth

According to Information cradle the net worth of Boe Sosa is approximately $100,000 USD.

Main Earning Sources

Boe Sosa Mainly earns from different shows, music sales etc. He also earns revenue from youtube and spotify. As a musician Boe mainly earns from the music industry.


Boe Sosa is known as a rapper in the United States. He is well known for “Off the Porch”, “First Day Out”, “Keep It Wit Me” etc. Boe sosa is associated with Mir Gang. He is the head of BOE Records.  


Boe Sosa’s music career started in 2017. He has already released many records in the internet. He is one of the most successful and richest rappers from California. People around the internet always look for what is the net worth of Boe Sosa?, How old is he?What is his height, His girlfriend etc. Let’s check them out one by one.


The Height of Boe Sosa is 5ft and 4 inch.

Early Life

Boe Sosa was born on 30th October, 2001 in California. Boe is only 18 years old [till today]. He has gained his fame from rapping. He is a genuine talent. He has already worked with many famous people like Mazerati Ricky, Philty Rich, Prezi, Juliano Santiago etc. His first track came out in November 2017. Since then his fame is going up day by day. Boe Sosa is the head of Boe records and he is releasing hit songs one by one. 

Legal Issues

Boe sosa was arrested for stealing 3 pounds of marijuana in May, 2008 at gunpoint. He was held in Yuba Country, California. He might be sentenced to 10 year of jail if he were 18 years old at that time. But he was released and the case was dismissed. 


Boe Sosa released a song named “First Day Out” regarding the arrest. 

Personal Life

According to many sources boe sosa is currently single. We found no information regarding his relationship. Keep checking this page and we will update if anything goes viral about his relationship. 


Actually we found nothing over the internet about Boe Sosa’s Parents. But It is for sure that he has his parents alive. But their identity is not revealed yet. We are trying to find information about his parents. When we get something we will update it here. 


Actually parents play an important role in every successful man’s life. Parents give inspiration to do something else. To become someone else. If we look at the background of most of the celebrities we can find that their parents played an important role in their life.


Boe Sosa’s First song “Off the Porch” was first released in October 2017 on Youtube. This video got almost 2.9 Million Views. Most people who viewed the content gave positive feedback. His next song “Keep It Wit Me” got more famous and crossed 9 Million Views on Youtube. This thing inspired him so much to continue his career. His  last song in 2017 named “Crime Scene” was released by Mozzy Records. In 2018, He released back to back songs. He released “Hell & Back” and then “Hottest Out”. These two made him more famous. His song “First Day Out” was released in 2018 which was a big hit and it crossed about 11 million views on youtube. The song was closely related to his arrest in california.


Boe Sosa’s Career is Going up like a rocket. You can checkout his videos over the internet to find inspiration that how a 18 years old guy making millions of dollar each year. He is a true inspiration. In music industry of United States of America is getting another superstar if these things keep rolling smoothly.

Interesting Facts

  • BOE refers to Brothers over Everything
  • Boe Sosa is only 18 years old
  • Boe sosa’s birth day is 30 October
  • Boe Sosa was arrested for robbery in 2018
  • Boe Sosa Released “First Day Out” regarding his arrest in California
  • Boe Sosa is the head of Boe Records
  • Boe Sosa’s net worth is almost $100K USD.


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