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Net Worth

Dalia Dippolito was An American escort agent and call girl. As of 2022, Dippolito is worth around $10-15 million.


Dalia Dippolito is a 39-year-old convict. She is accused of ordering a hit on her husband. Dalia was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2017 on the charge of planning a first-degree murder. Dalia unintentionally hired an undercover police officer to execute the hit. The whole act was captured on camera and she was arrested shortly.

Main Earning Sources

Dalia mainly earned his money by working as a professional call girl and escort. It is estimated that she had many high-profile clients which might have contributed to her fortune.


Dalia Dippolito went out to attain real estate license in her early life. But uncertain about her career path, she started moonlighting as an escort and call girl. Dalia later choose her second job as her main job and started full-time professional escorting. Dippolito was in the escort business until she got caught planning to murder her husband.

Early Life

Dalia Dippolito was born to her parents on 18 October 1982 in New York, USA. She was originally named as Daliya Muhammad. Daliya was brought up in a relatively solvent family. Her father worked as a health insurance agent and her mother worked as a waiter. Not much information about her early life is available to the public.

Personal Life

Daliya had two more siblings. A brother named Amir Mohammad and a sister named Samira Mohammad. Her parents split when Daliya was 17 years old. She was raised by her mother alone. Daliya met his husband Michael Dippolito while working as an escort. They were married in 2009. After just after 6 months of marriage, Dalia planned to take her husband’s life and was caught in the process. Michael and Daliya got divorced in 2011 during Daliya’s ongoing trial. It was later revealed that Daliya had a prior relationship with a person called Mohammad Shihadeh. Dalia again got into a relationship with Robert Davis during her house arrest. The couple had a son during that period.

Net Worth Of dalia dippolito

Legal Issues

Dalia was sentenced to prison for 16 years in 2017 after a case of attempted murder on her ex-husband. Dalia is currently being held at the Lowell Correction Facility in Marion County, Florida following three trials and two convictions.

Interesting Facts

  • Daliya was caught planning to escape from prison with the help of a drone

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