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Dan Fogelberg’s Net Worth

Net worth

According to celebritynetworth Dan Fogelberg was worth approximately $9 million US Dollar. Dan Fogelberg was an american musician, singer, composer and songwriter. It was reported that at the time of his death Dan Fogelberg had a net worth of $9 million dollar.


Main Earning Sources

As a musician there were many earning sources of Dan. He released many albums and some of them were hit at that time. Dan’s main earning source was from the music industry. According to some sources he was The Richest rock star at his time. 



Dan Fogelberg also known as ‘Daniel Grayling Fogelberg’ was an established and famous american singer, songwriter, composer and musician. Very few people in the music industry don’t know Dan Fogelberg. He was a star at his time. He gave many successful songs. He was a very passionate musician. He got his inspiration at the early age from his father. Dan Fogelberg was a gem at his time. His successful career ended through a vital disease (Cancer). Dan was a very talented musician. His lyrics and composure proves his talent. His award winning album and songs tells us how successful he was. Dan was known for his hit songs like ‘Leader of the Band’, ‘Longer’,’Same Old Lang Syne’.

Early Life

Dan Fogelberg born on August 13, 1951 in Peoria, Illinois. His father was from Sweden and his mother was a Scottish immigrant. Dan had two brothers and he was the youngest sibling. His interest in music grew up since his childhood. When he was four year old, his father allowed him to conduct the school band team. At first Dan started to play piano. But later on he moved to other musical instruments like guitar, bass, mandoline etc. Dan had written a song named ‘Leader of the Band’ by being inspired by his father. His father was The Band Director of Bradley University in Peoria. Dan started learning piano from his mother as his mother was classically trained pianist. Dan was graduated from Woodruff High School from 1969. There he learnt painting and theatre art. While he was studying in university he already started to work with a band in local venues.



Personal LIfe

According to wikipedia Dan Fogelberg was married three times. In 1982 he married Maggie Slaymaker who was a dancer. They were separated in 1885. In 1991 Dan married Anastasia Savage who was a nurse. Their relationship wasn’t good at all. They broke up in 1996. Dan was again married to Marie Mayer who is a musician by profession. They were together until Dan’s last breath in 2007.

In May 2004, Dan was diagnosed with cancer. He was given treatment and in August 2005, dan was declared cancer free. But the diseases returned and Dan Fogelberg was died in 16 December, 2007.

According to many sources dan hasn’t any kid.



Dan released his first album ‘Home Free’ in 1972. The album didn’t get much exposure. But later on, he released his next album ‘Souvenirs’ in 1974. This album was hit and got two platinum and peaked at 17th position on US Billboard 200. Dan released ‘Captured Angel’ in 1975 and ‘Nether Lands’ in 1977. Both of them were flop. In 1979 Dan released ‘Phoenix’ and it was a big hit. It reached 3rd position on US Billboard 200. His song ‘Twin sons of Different mother’ was also a big hit in 1978 and it reached no.22 on US Billboard 200. Next he released successful albums one by one. His Album ‘The innocent age’ was released in 1981, Windows and Walls in 1984, High Country Snow in 1985, Exiles in 1987, The wild places in 1990, River of souls in 1993 and No Resemblance Whatsoever in 1995. 

Without a few flops Dan’s career was full of success. Artists like Garth Brooks were inspired by him. 


Irving Azoff, who was the manager of Dan Forgelberg, helped Dan by sponsoring him. Azoff could see that Dan has talent to expose his music career. So he advised Dan to find better place in Tennessee. Dan started to music professionally when he was in Nashville.


Interesting Facts

  • Dan Fogelberg’s Mother was a Classically trained pianist.
  • Dan Fogelberg’s father was a leader of a band group.
  • Dan could play four different instrument (Guitar, Piano, Mandolin and Bass guitar)
  • Dan’s Father Peter died just before a year of releasing ‘Leader of the Band’ which was inspired by his father.
  • Dan was the richest rock star at his time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is dan fogelberg net worth?

Ans: Dan Fogelbergs net worth was approximately $9 million US Dollar at the time of his death.



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