Dan Zanger Net worth

Net Worth

According to many sources Dan Zanger’s net worth is approximately 42 million USD. He is famous for founding Chartpattern.com, an investment advisory service. Let’s have a look at the main earning sources of Dan Zanger.

Main Earning Sources

Dan Zanger mainly earns from trading in stocks. He became famous by earning 42 million USD within 2 year only through trading. His ‘10 golden rules’ for trading are famous among the trading industry.


Dan Zanger is one of the well known people in the stock market. He became famous by gaining almost 29,000% growth within one year. He is considered as one of the greatest traders of all time.

At first he turned $10,775 into $18 million within one year.

Dan Zanger Net Worth

Early Life

Dan Zanger grew up in Los Angeles. His dad was a physician and mom was a psychologist. He had a hard time at his early age. He had to drive cabs, prep cooks to earn money and support himself. After getting back to Los Angeles he eventually got a job. He started working for a landscaping company. After that he got his California contractor’s license.

Surprisingly Dan’s mom Elaine loved the stock market. Most of the time Dan watched business shows on tv channels. He got his first inspiration from there.

Legal Issues

After researching on the internet we found no legal issues related with Dan.


One day Dan was watching tv and saw a stock explode in the bottom of his tv screen. He bought a stock for $1. Later on, after a few weeks he sold that stock for over $3. After that Dan hooked up with the stock market at his early age.

In 1997 Dan understood that a powerful move was about to happen. He sold his Porsche for $11,000 to buy capital and enter into the market. After one year he turned his $11,000 into $18 million which is verified by Fortune Magazine.

Interesting Facts

  • Dan is considered as one of the greatest traders in the stock market.
  • Dan sold his Porsche for $11,000 to buy capital and enter the stock market. He turned his $11,000 into $18 million within a year.
  • Dan made $42 million within 2 year.


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