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Dej Loaf Net worth

Net Worth

Deja Monét Trimble or popularly known as Dej Loaf is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her rapping and singing skills have made her popular all around the world. She is also a great stage performer. As of 2022, Dej loaf is currently worth around $2 Million.


Born on April 8, 1991, Dej Loaf is a 31-year-old Rapper and Singer hailed from Detroit, Michigan. She has many famous songs under her belt. Her song titled “Try me” has been watched more than 111M times on youtube. It was also featured on the US Billboard hot 100 which gave her massive global recognition. Most of Dej Loaf’s singles have topped the US music charts.

Main Earning Sources

Needless to say, Dej Loaf’s main earnings come from her album sales. Moreover, she also gets remuneration from contracts with major music labels. In addition to that, Dej loaf has a youtube channel with more than 1.4M subscribers. She has got over 590M views on her youtube videos. Dej earns a decent amount of money from youtube. Lastly, Dej Loaf also does live performances. She also earns money from that.


Dej Loaf started her music career in 2011 as a hip-hop artist. Being an Air Jordans fan, Deja Monét Trimble picked “Dej Loaf” as her stage name. She released her official mixtape “Just Do It” in 2013. Dej attracted SAINTLINESS, another Detroit rapper with her mixtape. In October 2014, Dej signed a major deal with Colombia Records. She also released her viral track “Try Me” (produced by DDS) in the same year. Dej earned a lot of fame and traction with “Try Me”. Just after signing the deal with Colombia Records, she released her second official mixtape “Sell Sole”. Her mixtape was rated A by music critic Robert Christgau. Robert praised Dej and her mixtape very highly.

Dej loaf rapped on the song “Detroit vs. Everybody” from the album Shady XV. Shady XV is a rap compilation album by famous American rapper Eminem. Dej loaf opened for Nicki Minaj in The Pinkpribnt Tour. In 2016 Dej released a mixtape titled “All Jokes Aside”. She also released a joint mix tape with Jacquees called “Fuck a Friend Zone” in 2017. Dej split from a long relationship with Colombia Records in 2019 and independently released her debut album “Sell Sole II” on October 23, 2020. She was featured on Sevyn Streeter’s single “Guilty” in February 2021.

Early Life

Dej Loaf grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She got her interest in music from her grandmother. Dej was a very bright student and topper in her class. Dej have 2 brothers. She had quite rough upbringing as her father was killed when Dej was only 4. Moreover, Dej’s relationship with her mother was quite strained. As a result, she grew up with her brothers and her grandmother.

Personal Life

Dej has quite controversial personal life. Many believes she is a lesbian. These speculations were solidified by public disagreements with her claimed ex-girlfriend, Aye Reed. Loaf was criticized for faking a relationship with Lil Durk Redd in an attempt to hide her gay sexuality. But Dej Loaf denied all these claims. Her marital status is till unknown to the public.

Net Worth Of dej loaf

Legal Issues

Dej Loaf is not involved in any kind of legal issues according to public information.

Interesting Facts


  • Dej played basketball in junior varsity level
  • She studied nursing at the “Saginaw Valley State University” but dropped out in pursuit of her music career.

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