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Dimitri Seneca Snowden or popularly known as Dimitri Snowden Is an American entrepreneur and reality TV star. Dimitri is a man of many talents. He is also an architect, graphics designer, social media influencer, and podcaster. As of 2022, Dimitri Snowden is worth $3 Million.


Born in Cuba on January 25, 1981, this 40-year-old man is one of the most famous celebrities in the US. Dimitri earned his TV fame from TLC show named “Seeking Sister Wife”. Apart from being a famous TV personality, Snowden is also hailed as a successful entrepreneur and graphics designer. Dimitri designed numerous record label logos for many famous singers. Dimitri’s talents don’t end here. He is also a professional ontological architect.

Main Earning Source

Being a man of many talents, Dimitri does not have any particularly fixed earning source. He earned the majority of his wealth from TLC tv show. As mentioned above, Snowden is also an affluent entrepreneur with many successful businesses. Dimitri owns an IT company from which he earns a decent salary. Moreover, his graphics designing skills and podcasting also contribute to his income.


Dimitri mainly started out as a cast for TLC program “Seeking Sisters Wife” and gained fame in the TV world. According to Dimitri, his IT company uses artificial intelligence in order to try and understand the world. Dimitri has partaken in the development of lithium-ion-double “A” and created America’s first charter school with a complete wind farm. Snowden also invented the micro-USB rechargeable battery. And to top his career off, Dimitri is also an accomplished martial artist. He spent 20 years of his life mastering Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Muay and American boxing. Dimitri also had a brief career in professional motor racing.

Early Life

Dimitri spent his childhood and early life with his family in Buffalo, New York City. He completed his education in the field of Quantum Mechanics and Noetic Sciences according to IMDB. He taught himself computer programming while growing up. Dimitri grew up in a relatively solvent home. Because of having sharp intellect, Dimitri became a successful entrepreneur after completing his Higher education.

Personal Life

Dimitri is married to his wife Ashley Snowden after a long relationship. The couple married on October 9, 2009. He is a proud father of three children named “Canaria Snowden”, “Nenufar Snowden”, and “Armonio Snowden”. The couple agreed to lead a polygamous lifestyle. Venessa Cobbs became attached to the couple’s family for a brief moment. But their union broke off shortly. Currently, Dimitri and Ashley are a happily married couple.

Net Worth Of dimitri snowden

Legal Issues

In January 2021, a domestic abuse case was filed against Dimitri Snowden by Christeline Peterson. Christeline claimed to have been domestically abused by Dimitri Snowden at the time they were dating together.

Interesting Facts


  • Dimitri is a fitness enthusiast and tries to keep his body fit by following a strict fitness regimen.
  • Dimitri earned 1st position in the Tae Kwon Do competition back in 2005.
  • Dimitri loves to skydive.
  • Snowden is a lego lover and has a huge collection of lego.

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