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Net worth

According to Net Worth Gorilla the net worth of DJ Self is approximately 5 million USD. He is one of the Famous DJs in the United States of America. Let’s see the main earning source of DJ Self.

Main Earning Sources

DJ Self is basically a musician. His main portion of earnings is from the Music industry. We found that he once worked on a radio station as a dj. He basically earns from different shows and releasing songs. Let’s see who DJ Self is.


DJ Self is a Reality Star in the USA. He is also known as “The Prince of New York.” He has been working in a reality show named “Love & Hip Hop: New York” for about 6 seasons which was a popular show on VH1. DJ self usually works as a Disc Jockey in a radio station. 

DJ self is one of best known DJs in all around the USA. He has been featured in many newspapers and tv shows. He is a true inspiration for the upcoming generation who wants to join music. Music is kinda like passion to him. He is one of the best DJs in our list so far. Keep watching our Singer category for further news about the listing.

One more thing to be noted that DJ Self is the CEO of Gwinin Entertainment. 

dj self net worth

Early Life

DJ Self used to go to different parties when he was a kid. He saw DJ’s are going back with 5-6 girls himself. He then aimed to become a DJ. He worked hard and today people all over the world know him. DJ Self was born and grew up in New York though his roots are based on Nigeria. He knows their culture. He adopted himself there. He is an African-Amrican citizen of the United State of America.

Legal Issues

We have researched all over the internet and found nothing related to legal affairs against DJ Self. We are updating the news regularly and keep coming on this page to see updated info about DJ Self.

Personal LIfe

The real name of DJ self is John Self. He was born on 20th January 1986 in Brooklyn, New York. Some online publishers claim that DJ Self was born in Nigerian and he moved to New York Later on. We tried to find out about self’s parents but we found nothing on the internet. We will update here if we find something. 

It has been severally seen that Self was dating many girls. It was being rumored that he has already dated with Major Galore, Cardi B, Rose so far. His ex-girlfriend was Yorma Harnandez. He is currently dating Samantha Wallace. DJ Self has a daughter named Kayla Gamboa.



If we look back to DJ self’s career we can clearly see that, it all started from 1996. He introduced a new form of hip hop to his audiences. He wanted to make a diversion in hip hop music and he was successful in it. He was once ruling in the hip hop music industry. When hip hop music was climbing up onto it’s best, people like DJ Self were leading the music. 

He has performed in many shows in London, Chicago, Berlin, East-Coast etc. His best performed was in “Planet Hollywood”

DJ self is a very known name in New York. He has performed in many big celebrity birthday like Zab Judah, Stephon Marbury etc. 

DJ self also worked with magazines like Don & Devas, King Magazine etc. 

DJ self is currently a DJ of Power 105.1.

Interesting Facts

  • DJ Self was once rumored to be dating Cardi B.
  • DJ self has a Daughter named Kayla Gamboa.
  • DJ Self is an African-American Citizen of America.


  • How many Kids Does DJ Self Has?

Ans: Only one daughter named Kayla Gamboa.

  • Who is DJ Self’s Current Girlfriend?

Ans: Samantha Wallace

  • What is the net worth of DJ self in 2020?

Ans: Approximately 5 million US dollar.

Summary Table


Real Name John Self
Date Of Birth 20th January, 1986
Age 43
Girlfriend Samantha Wallace
Children 1 Daughter 
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
Profession Disc Jockey
Net Worth 5 Million USD


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