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Don Draper’s full name is “Donald Francis Draper”. His nickname is – Don, Dick. He is a hero in mad men series portrayed by Jon Hamm in 2007 – 2015. Don Draper is a “fictional character” from the famous series – Mad Men, which was published on AMC TV. 

 This series’ first episode was released in 2007 and the last season published in 2017.  Don Draper is one of the lead roles of this series. It’s inspired by Draper Daniels in the 1950s.

 After the ending of 3 seasons of the series Draper became a creative director of Manhattan advertising firm executive by Sterling Cooper. After that, he moved into a new firm and became a founding director.

Net Worth

Having a net worth like $1 million means that the net worth is wealthy. Don Draper’s net worth becomes $5 to $6 million at the end of the show. In the Mad Men series, the fictional character don draper’s net worth is $35 million in 2016-17. From 2018-2019 it increased by 8.57% and became $38 million.  Right now in 2022 it becomes $43 million and increases by 5.26%.

Main Earning Source

Don Draper’s main earning source was an Advertising firm. Don was the golden boy for Sterling Cooper. After threatening for leave, his salary becomes $35,000 to $45,000 per year. After that, in 1962 he became a partner and spent $315,000 per year.


Don Draper is a fictional character in the most popular ‘Mad Men’ American series. His full name is – Donald Francis Draper and his real name are Dick Whitman. He was a lead role in the mad men series. He is famous for this.

 After the ending of 3 seasons, he went to a Manhattan advertising firm and became a creative director. After that, he starts working as a founding partner in a new firm.

Don Draper

Early Life

Dick Whitman was born on 1 June 1926. His mother was a prostitute. She died during childbirth. He was unhappy in his childhood. When he was 10, his father died and he got placed into Uncle Mick’s. He spent his childhood pick-pocketing the clients. In early adulthood, he succeeded to move out of the brothel and get a job. After this, he was appointed to the US army. During the military service, dick accepts Lieutenant Don Draper’s identity after draper’s death. After that Dick returns to the state as don draper.

Personal Life

Don Draper’s full name is – Donald Francis Draper. He has 3 Spouses. They are – Betty Hofstadt, Megan Calvet, and Anna M.Draper, who is Don Draper’s widow. His stepmother’s name is – Abigail Whitman and his stepfather’s name is – Uncle Mac. He had three children, one daughter and two sons. They are – Sally Beth Draper, Robert Bobby Draper, and Eugene Scott Draper. He has a half-brother named – Adam Whitman.


Don Draper made his career by working as a creative director and senior partner with Sterling Cooper and Partners, at the advertising agency in season 6 to 7. In season 4-6 he was a founding partner. In season 1 he worked as a creative director.

Interesting Fact

There are some interesting facts about Don Draper –

  • Don was protective of his colleagues.
  • He follows a strict code of business ethics.
  • Don Draper is the only partner to protest a scheme hatched.

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