Duke Dennis Net worth

Duke Dennis Net Worth

Duke Dennis is an American-born Youtube gamer and content creator. Although the exact figure is not publicly available, it is estimated that Dennis is worth around $2-$5 million.


Duke Dennis is a 28 year old successful YouTuber and content creator. He posts videos of himself playing different video games on his youtube channel. His success in gaming earned him the top spot in the Youtube community. Dennis started his Youtube channel in 2013 and managed to attract almost 2 million subscribers with his gaming content. He also uploads videos related to NBA 2K basketball simulation game. Duke served in the military and had a military career as well. It is reported that he left the army in 2017 because of personal issues.


Main Earning Source

Being a Youtube gamer, Dennis mainly earns his fortune from Youtube monetization. His Youtube channel has over 140 million views and receives more than 700K views every month. Moreover, Dennis also has his own merch shop and earns money by selling merchandise to his followers.

Duke Diennis net worth


Dennis created his gaming Youtube channel in 2013 but did not post videos regularly till 2017. His Youtube career really took off in 2017 when he started doing Youtube full-time. In his early days, Duke used to upload NBA 2K17 video game related content. He also shared his life story and stories about his time in the military in his videos. One of Duke’s early videos titled “NBA2K17 MYPARK IN REAL LIFE!?!” went viral attracting almost half a million views and earned his channel the spotlight.

Duke has been consistently uploading videos since the very beginning. He also did several live streams of playing video games from time to time. Not much information about Duke’s military career is available to the public. He was stationed in Germany and did administrative work in the army. Duke mentioned in one of his videos that he did not enjoy the military life. He did not like taking commands and had a hard time adjusting to military life. As a result, he left the Army in 2017, ending his military career. Currently, Duke is active on both his gaming Youtube channel and his personal channel.

Early Life

Dennis was born on 26 February 1994 in Greenville, South Carolina. Duke did not reveal much information about his early life. Dennis was into sports since his childhood. He was really good at playing football and ended up getting scholarship offers from many colleges in his hometown. Dennis turned those offers down as he was no longer interested in playing football in college.

Personal Life

Dennis is very private about his personal life. According to him, he is not in a relationship right now. Dennis has two siblings, both brothers.

Legal Issues

Duke was arrested and sent to jail in 2021 for multiple charges. The charges include domestic violence and sexual misconduct against a minor. Duke denied the allegations brought against him in one of his Youtube videos. As of 2022, Duke is no longer in jail but his charges are under investigation.

Interesting Facts

  • Duke is a pet lover
  • He is a big fan of the NBA
  • Duke loves boxing

Duke Dennis Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@DukeDennisAMP


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