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Net worth

According to Net Worth Time the net worth of Eddie Van Halen is approximately $100 Million USD. Eddie is a famous Dutch-American Musician, Songwriter and Producer.

Main Earning Sources

The main earning source of Eddie is Music. He mainly performs in different programmes and usually gets paid from there. Besides he is a music producer and songwriter so he also earns from selling albums. As he is considered as America’s all time best rock singer he is paid higher than usual. So after researching his earning sources we found that his main earning source is the Music Industry.


Eddie Van Halen is considered America’s greatest and all time best rock guitarist. He is a true inspiration for people who want to join rock music. This dutch american talent has taken himself to the peak of greatest american guitarist. He is not only a guitarist but also a songwriter, producer, inventor etc. He can also play keyboard and drums along with guitar. Eddie Van Halen is also known as the founder of rock band “Van Halen”. “Van Halen” is founded by Eddie and His brother “Alex Van Halen” who is the drummer of “Van Halen”. He also became no.1 by vote of Guitar World Magazine Reader’s pool for “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

Net worth of Eddie Van halen

Early Life

Eddie Van Halen aka Edward Lodewijk Van Halen took his first breath on 26th January, 1955 in Amsterdam, Netherland. His Father is Jan Van Halen and His mother is Eugenia Van Halen. Eddia has an older brother named Alex. Eddie and Alex both have been interested in music since their childhood. Both of them learned to play piano at their early age. Eddie didn’t want to read music, rather he loved to learn by watching and hearing. Eddie later on moved to learning instruments. He showed his interest in playing guitar. When Eddie was only in 4th grade He and his brother Alex along with three other kids formed a band named “The Broken Combs”. If we look back to Eddie’s career we can clearly visualize that his interest in music since his childhood has taken him to a place where he became America’s greatest guitarist.

Legal Issues

After Researching about Eddie Van Halen’s legal details we found no information. 

Personal LIfe

Eddie Van Halen met his first wife Valerie Bertinelli in 1980 at a Concert where Van Halen was performing. Eddie and Valerie married in 1981 and their son Wolfgang Van Halen was born in 1991. In 2001, Eddie and Valerie got separated and they were divorced in 2007. In 2007, Eddie started dating Janie Liszewski who is an actress and stuntwoman. Eddie and Janie got married in June, 2009. In his wedding, Wolfgang son of Eddie and his ex wife Valerie was present. Eddie was alcoholic since he was only 12 years old. His addiction to alcohol raised so much that he started talking alcohol to functions. It was also stated that Eddie went to rehab in 2007.


Eddie and his brother Alex formed a Band and named it “Mammoth” in 1972. After 2 year, in 1974 they changed the band name to “Van Halen” as there was another band with the same name of “Mammoth”. From the beginning, the band “Van Halen” Became popular day by day in Los Angeles. The band’s debut album “Van Halen” was first released in 1978 and it became successful in rock music history. Again in 1979, the band “Van Halen” released “Van Halen II”. Later in 1981, they released their third album “Fair Warning”. One of their most successful albums was “Diver Down” which was released in 1982. Point to be noted that, their album “Van Halen” was the most successful debut album in United states rock history. 

Eddies one of the big achievements was to become no.1 in Guitar World Magazine readers poll in 2012.

Interesting Facts

  1. Eddie met his first wife Valerie Bertinelli at a Concert where Van Halen was performing.
  2. Eddie’s son Wolfgang is also a rock musician.
  3. Eddie and his brother Alex founded “Van Halen” together.
  4. The name of “Van Halen” was “Mammoth” at first.



Eddie was addicted to smoking and drinking since he was 12 years old. He was so addicted to alcohol that he started talking to them at the function. Eddie went to rehab in 2007. Eddie was also suffering from tongue cancer in 2000. After an operation where a part of his tongue was removed. In 2002 he was declared as cancer free. Again in 2019, eddie was suffering from tongue cancer and he was suffering since 2015. Eddie receives his cancer treatment in Germany.


  • What is the net worth of Eddie Van Halen?

Ans: Eddie Van Halen is a famous Rock Musician, Song writer, keyboardist, Guitarist and producer. He has a net worth of $100 million U.S Dollar.

  • What disease does Eddie Van Halen Have?

Ans: Eddie is currently suffering from tongue cancer. It was revealed in 2019 that eddie was again suffering from tongue cancer. He had cancer treatment in 2002 and later declared to be free from cancer. But in 2015, eddie was again found out that he was suffering from tongue cancer. He went to Germany for cancer treatment.

  • Who is Eddie Van Halen Married To?

Ans: Eddie met his first wife Valerie in a concert where ”van halen” was performing. Eddie and Valerie married in 1981 and their son Wolfgang was born in 1991. In 2001 eddie and Valerie separated and got divorced in 2007.

Eddie is currently married to Janie Liszewski. They got married in 2009.

  • Are Valerie and Eddie Still Friends?

Ans: Yes, Valerie and Eddie are still friends. In Fact they attended each others wedding ceremony. Valerie and her son Wolfgang attended Eddie and Janie’s wedding.

  • Is Eddie Van Halen Still Married?

Ans:Yes, Eddie is currently married to Jane Liszewski.

  • How Old is Eddie Van Halen Now?

Ans:Eddie van halen is currently 65 years old.

Summary Table


Full Name Eddie Van Halen
Date Of Birth Jan 26, 1955
Wife Janie Liszewski
Old 65
Disease Tongue Cancer
Children Wolfgang Van Halen
Occupation Rock Guitarist, Producer
Net Worth $100 Million USD

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