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Net Worth

Evan Hafer is an American popular businessman & a very passionate guy. He is  also a member of the US Armed Force & a military  veteran who has served the United States military. As of 2022, hence, his approximated net worth is somewhere around $1 million.


Evan Hafer is a 45-50 years old American Businessman. Evan Hafer is a member of the military armed forces as well. He is well known as the founder & CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company. Black Rifle is America’s leading coffee roastery operated by veterans. Within a very short time this premium coffee brand grew up as much popular between the military officials & working men which is owned by Evan Hafer.

Earning Sources

If we judge his net worth, we can say, Evan Hafer is in a decent position. Basically his main earning source is Black Rifle Coffee Company. He earns a hefty portion of his entire wealth from here. Besides he is a U.S Army infantryman. He also has a youtube channel which has almost 450,000 subscribers. He earns a decent amount as an infantryman as well as from his youtube channel.


Evan Hafer started his career as a  U.S Army infantryman. He is a former member of the U.S military armed forces. After more than a decade, he took his position as a special forces soldier. Then he joined as a military contractor for the U.S. state department. He has worked for the United States Military for almost 20 years. He was also sent on the mission to Afghanistan and Iraq.

His attraction to coffee started in the year of 1997. In 2006, when his mission started in Afghanistan, he took some roasted coffee beans with him. Everyone likes it in the camp  and they inspired Evan to run a business in this field.

Then he started work to improve his coffee roasting skills.

After some years, Black Rifle Coffee, which is prepared with high quality coffee beans, was started by Evan Hafer to the pro American & veteran sections. The Company was formulated in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

In 2014, the company was started & Evan started to sell his roasted coffee through his friend’s clothing website. As he was selling well, he founded his own brand with a website. After one year, the company earned $1 million in revenue which is increasing day by day. As a result, in 2017, they earned about $30 million. The revenue has increased to $80 million in 2019.

Black Rifle Coffee company also has a physical licensed cafe in Boerne, Texas & San Antonio, Texas. In 2017, the company obtained national attention after promising to appoint 10,000 veterans when Starbucks emphasized appointing 10,000 reefuses. In the same year Donald Trump Jr approved to continue the company. And from then his net worth was increasing very speedly.

“Ready to drink” canned iced coffee is the new item in their collection.

To reduce  the national & global influence of covid-19 , the Black Rifle Coffee Company started to help & support the medical rescue workers, quarantined military armed forces & their family and other workers.

Now Evan is a very popular businessman. He is totally focused on his business enhancement & continuation.

Early Life

From the count of his 20 years spent in the military, Evan Hafer is almost 45-50 years old. Because of a member of the armed forces, he has not exposed his date of birth & kept his personal information secret. He is an American by nationality. He was born in Lewiston & grew up in northern Idaho.

evan hafer net worth

Personal Life

As Evan Hafer kept his personal information under the wraps, we gathered from his social media account that Evan is married. His wife’s name is Kate Hafer. The couple has one child with them. He, along with his wife, loves to spend time in nature.

Legal Issue

We couldn’t find any legal issue against Evan Hafer.

Interesting Facts

  • Evan Hafer is desirous about the outdoors. In January, 2021, he was appointed by the Board of Directors in the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation,
  • He loves mountains instead of the ocean.
  • Whenever he is free, he loves to do some math and go through calculations.

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