Jeff Bishop Net worth

Net Worth

According to some sources the net worth of Jeff Bishop is approximately $3.5 million USD. 

Main Earning Sources

Jeff is the cofounder of Raging Bull, one of the best learning platforms for traders & newbies to start trading. It’s kinda like gathering trading experts. Jeff earns most of his income from Raging Bull. As he is a trading expert he also earns from trading.


“If it were easy to make money in the stock market, everybody’s be doing it,” says Raging Bull’s co-founder Jeff Bishop.

Jeff is one of the well known and successful people in the trading industry. Back in 1997 Jeff co founded Raging Bull. In his opinion anyone can make money in their spare time.


Jeff along with Jason Bond actually founded Raging Bull. Jeff is considered “one of the best traders”. Currently Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of Raging Bull. Jeff has mastered both finance and economics. 

Right now jeff is teaching and letting others follow his footsteps to minimize their risk in investing and making multi million dollars like him.

Jeff Bishop

Early Life

Jeffrey Paul Bishop aka Jeff Bishop, is one of the best traders in the stock industry. Jeff took his first breath on 25 June, 1967. This 53 years old legend already made multi million through stock market, trading and option trading.


After looking up Jeff’s personal profile we can see that he has no wife nor children. His material status is Single. We got no further information regarding Jeff bishops personal life.

Jeff Bishop and Raging Bull

Jeff is a Bioethicist, Author by profession. He is actually famous for his teaching techniques. Jeff co-founded the trading learning platform Raging Bull with Jason Bond and actually earns from there. 

Raging Bull is actually a learning platform. People learn how to trade or invest in stock from there. Jeff shows his footsteps of becoming a millionaire. Currently he is focusing on teaching people how to become a multi millionaire from stock, ETFs and Options.


People say different things about jeff. Many of the people believe that Jeff makes most of his money by selling “How to’s”. But Jeff is considered as one of the best traders in the world. 

Interesting Facts

  • Jeff Bishop is the co-founder of Raging Bull
  • Jeff’s net worth is approximately $3 million USD.

Some Frequently asked Questions

Who is the best option trader in the world?

Many people say that Jeff Bishop is the best option trader in the world.

How much does a true trader cost?

It depends upon investment and time to research.

Who is Jeff bishop?

Jeff Bishop is the co-founder of Raging Bull. He and Jason Bond founded Raging Bull, an online learning platform for traders.

Summary Table


Full Name Jeffrey Paul Bishop
Date of Birth 25 June 1967
Age 53
Profession Bioethicist, Author
Net worth $3 Million USD
Marital Status Single

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