Jelly Roll Net worth

Net Worth

Jason DeFord is a famous American rapper and musician. He is popularly known by his celebrated name Jelly Roll. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $1.2 millions.


Jelly Roll is a popular American musician and rapper from Nashville. He is known for his rap albums like ‘a Beautiful Disaster’, ‘Goodnight Nashville’ and ‘No filter’. He became mostly famous after his collaboration with rappers like Haystak and Lil Wyte. He found music as his therapy in the tough situations of his life. He is such a person who hopes everyone will live a luxurious life. Jelly mostly plays what he is inspired by. He is highly inspired by Outlaw, Country, Motown and folk music.

Main Earning Sources

As a musician Jelly earns most of his revenue from selling his albums and mixtapes. He generates a good amount of money from selling his concert tickets. He also has a YouTube channel named ‘Jelly Roll’. He has gained more than 1.8 millions subscribers on his channel. Some of the videos have already crossed millions of views. Thus he generates a decent amount from his YouTube channel also.


American rapper Jelly Roll is widely known for his collaboration with Lil Wyte, Haystak, Tech N9ne and Struggle Jennings.

He got a wide recognition in 2010 after his collaboration ‘Pop Another Pill’ with Lil Wyte. It was very successful on YouTube. This song led him to the album ‘Year Round’ by the hip-hop group SNOP. The albu, was released in 2011. Later after this, he released a number of mixtapes like ‘Whiteboy Series’ and ‘Therapeutic Music Series’ Later he released his solo studio album ‘The Big Sal Story’ in 2012 and other collaboration albums.

Jelly has collaborated with Haystak in the albums ‘Strictly Business’ and ‘Business as Usual’. He also collaborated with Lil Wyte on the album ‘No Filter’ as well.

He released his 14th studio album entitled ‘A Beautiful Disaster’ in 2020. The album ranked 97 on the US Billboard 200 on release. The album features other rappers like as Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, and Tech N9ne.

Jelly has collaborated with artists such as Caskey, Young Buck, Rittz, Yelawolf, and others as well throughout his career.

Early Life

Jelly Roll took his birth on 4th December, 1986. He was born and grew up in gritty Antioch. His father is Buddy DeFord and his mother’s name is Felicia. Apart from this, there is nothing much known about this rapper’s early life and education.

Jelly Roll Net Worth

Personal Life

35 years old Jelly Roll is a married man. His wife’s name is Bunnie Xo. This couple has two children with them, daughter Bailee Ann and son Noah Buddy DeFort.

Legal Issues

Jelly Roll was not the person that he is now. He was prisoned several times for different illegal activities. When he was 14, he was sent to the Juvenile hall for the first time because of an armed robbery case. Later he was sent to jail for robbery and drug dealing cases. The tattoos in his body do not describe his present, but definitely tell us who he was.

‘Waffle House’ threatened legal action against Jelly Roll because of using their name and logo on the cover of his mixtape ‘Whiskey, Weed & Waffle House’. Later the name of the album was changed to ‘Whiskey, Weed & Women’ and the matter was settled down.

Interesting Facts

  • His professional name ‘Jelly Roll’ was given by his mother.
  • He has ‘John 15:13’ tattooed on one side of his face.
  • He describes himself as ‘a regular fat piece of white trash’ jokingly.
  • He orders the same meal every time that includes hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausage and chocolate-chip waffle.

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