Lil Tay Net worth

Teens have caught social media orbits by storm in this era of Instagram and TikTok. To mention a few are Lil Tay. This teen of 13 years now caught up with the world of influencing and bragging with $100 bucks dashing in her videos. This with F and N damn catching slangs in her alterations made her so popular that she got more than 3 million followers on Instagram in three months. 

She calls herself the youngest flexer of the century and in April 2018, Lil released her first rap single, “money way”. She also got more fame for interacting with YouTubers Ricegum and Jake Paul. 


Net Worth

Lil’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 by 2022. The sources of income are sponsored Instagram posts and YouTube royalties. Her estimated monthly income is $10,000 to $130,000.


Summary Table

Birth Names  Claire Hope 
Nick Names  Lil Tay 
Gender Female 
Birth Date   July 29, 2007
Birthplace  Atlanta, Georgia, US 
Siblings  Jason Tian (Brother)
Nationality  American
Career  Rapper, YouTuber, Instagram
Father  Christopher Hope
Mother  Angela Tian 
Zodiac Sign  Cancer 
Net Worth  $500,000


Early Life 

Lil Tay, birth name Claire Hope was born to Christopher Hope and Angela Tian on July 29, 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia. By default, she is an American. Her earlier childhood life is not explicitly known to the public as she came in from nowhere and grabbed a piece of fame for a piece of time. 

net worth lil tay


Tay’s rise to fame began in February 2018 when she uploaded a  video to her Instagram account about her lifestyle. She then claimed that her Instagram account is managed by American actress Miranda Cosgrove. 

In March 2018, she released her first debut single “money way” which drew more global attention. She then posted videos with her role model Lil pump and rapper Chief Keef affirming her performance with keef in his next music video. 


Personal Life

Lil Tay lived with her mum Angela by the time she stormed the social media world in 2018 but as of now she lives with her dad as he decided she takes on homeschool classes. 

By then, Angela was a realtor working with Pacific Evergreen Realty in Vancouver, Canada for a period of six month. She was fired by Mr. Lew after filming her daughter’s videos in the penthouse set out for sale and her boss’s car.

She claimed to be damn rich, boasting and hanging around with established influencers like Woah Vicky plus indulging in social media wars with Bhad Bhabie. 


Legal Issues 

Lil Tay has never been arrested or jailed but she has been in courts of law as a beneficiary in child acquaintance. Once he saw that the mum is dragging his daughter’s future and fortune into some uncertain misconduct, Mr. Hope decided to involve the law in accordance with the moral motives of the child upbringing with which the court granted the dad full authority over Lil Tay. 


Interesting Facts About Lil Tay

  • Lil didn’t own any of the expensive cars and penthouse she showed off within her videos. The car was her mum’s boss’s and the penthouse was on sale since the mum was a realtor.
  • The claim that actress Miranda Cosgrove manages her Instagram account is actually not confirmed yet.
  • She is not actually as rich as she affirms it to be. 
  • She is too young to own a social media account but she does own YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, the Twitter account was suspended due to the language she uses in her videos. 



Although the world welcomed her, still a bigger percentage of parents didn’t welcome the picture portrayed in her videos and the language she was using as it was explicit. 

Her dad decided to take her back to school to redefine her future but not discourage her from singing.


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