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Net Worth

Linda Rose Carotenuto, popularly known as Linda Tripp is one amongst the most celebrated American Civil Servants. She had a net worth of around $40 million at the time of her death in 2020.


Linda Tripp was one of the most celebrated Pentagon employees. She  is known best for her role in releasing Bill Clinton’s confidential phone call recording with Monica Lewinsky regarding their relationship while working in the White House. The incident is known as the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal historically.

Main Earning Sources

Linda Tripp Had a tremendous amount of net worth at the time of her death. She earned most of it by serving at the White House and Pentagon. She also earned from her small business which was a holiday-store named “Christmas Sleigh”.


Linda Tripp’s career started as a secretary in the Army Intelligence based in Maryland. She was then appointed to work in the Pentagon in 1987.  Linda was selected for the George H. W. Shrub organization and she even kept her work in the appointment of president Bill Clinton in 1993.

Tripp was transferred to the public undertakings office in the Pentagon in 1994 with a $20,000 more salary than her previous payout. While serving at the Pentagon, Tripp developed a friendly relationship with an individual specialist, Monica Lwenisky. Lewinsky then revealed to Tripp that she was in a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton. Tripp started to record the phone calls between Clinton and Lweinsky which became strong evidence in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

Both Clinton and Lewinsky showed up before a jury eventually and Linda presented the recorded tapes as the evidence. Thus the relationship between the two was finally uncovered.

Linda was fired from the Pentagon in January, 2001, towards the finish of Clinton’s organization. She claimed her termination was envenomed and she sued the US Department of Defense and US Department of Justice for her security and work document in the news media in 2003. As a settlement, she got a one-time installment of more than $595,000 from the central government afterwards.

Early Life

Linda was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States on 24th of November, 1949. Her parents were Albert Carotenuto and Inge who got divorced in 1968. Before joining the Army Intelligence, Linda attended Hanover Park High School and completed her graduation in  1968.

Personal Life

Linda Tripp was married two times. She was married first to a military officer, Bruce Tripp in 1971. She lived with him for 19 years. Then the couple was divorced in 1990. Linda has two children from her first marriage, a son and a daughter. Later Linda got hitched with a German architect, Dieter Rausch. She died of pancreatic cancer on 8th April, 2020 in Middleburg, Virginia at the age of 70.

Net Worth Of linda tripp

Legal Issues

Tripp was arrested at the age of 19 in Greenwood, New York for stealing $263 cash and a wristwatch worth $600. However, the case was dismissed before she came to trial.

Interesting Facts

  • John Goodman portrayed Linda Tripp in recurring Saturday Night Live Sketches, most of which she enjoyed.
  • Linda was portrayed in the television series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” by Sarah Paulson.

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