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Net Worth

Malcolm Tibbettes is an NHL player and one of the most successful woodturners. Although his net worth has been fluctuating over time, as of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $1 million.


Malcolm Tibbettes is one of the most successful woodturning masters from Northern New Hampshire and a NHL player for over the last 20 years. Woodturning is one of his specialities and he started performing demonstrations of this in the early 1990s. He is also a woodturning teacher who teaches to turn wood to create a piece of art. He has now taken his passion for woodturning full-time after having a successful career in the NHL and has become successful in the segment as well. He is also the author of several articles, magazines and books.

Main Earning Sources

Malcolm has a decent amount of net worth, the most of which he generated from his career in the NHL. He has taken woodturning full-time and he is generating a good amount from it. Besides turning wood, he also earns from teaching woodturning and from selling the books he has written.


Malcolm’s professional career started in the NHL with the Birmingham Bulls in 2006-07 season. With 37 goals and 31 assists, for a total 68 points, this season was a huge success for him. But he was released from the camp on September 18, 2007, before getting a chance to play with the Bruins. He signed a tryout contract with the Finnish SM-liiga team, HPK.

Malcolm joined the rival team HIFK after playing four games for the Bulls. He has been a member of the Chicago Wolves since 2005. Although he had a long career in the NHL, he still managed to make it successful.

Despite being benefited from the career in NHL, Malcolm is known primarily for his woodturning works. His career as a woodturner started when he was fitting woods together in his grandfather’s workshop.

After having a Successful career in the NHL, Malcolm decided to take his passion for woodturning full-time. His craftings were later sold on the San Francisco gallery.

Malcolm has written a book about the art of woodturning. He has produced numerous DVDs and his own instructional videos on woodturning. He became a sought-after instructor just because of his passion for woodturning. He has even earned a number of awards for his masterpiece crafts.

Early Life

Famous woodturner Malcolm Tibbetts was born and raised in Northern New Hampshire. He grew up in a family full of relatives working in the Ski Industry, including snow skiing. As a result, Malcolm was also involved in the ski industry.

Malcolm has been very private regarding his early life, so his date of birth, parents name or sibling’s names are still unknown. For his education, Malcolm attended college in the southern part of the state.

Personal Life

Malcolm Tibbetts is a married person. He tied up his knot with a wonderful woman, Tere. Being private regarding personal life, Malcolm’s marriage date, children’s names are unknown yet.

Net Worth Of malcolm tibbetts

Legal Issues

It is said that Malcolm had to deal with several criminal convictions in the past, but none of the incidents came to the light. Hence the issues are unknown yet.

Interesting Facts

  • Malcolm was eligible to join the military during the Vietnam war, but he decided to stay home and pursue his artistic passion.
  • Malcolm has donated a number of his arts to LTCC Art Club, although the arts are not in the display of LTCC anymore.


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