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Net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth the net worth of Montel William is approximately 15 million USD. Another media also claims that the net worth of montel william is 10 million USD. Now let’s see how montel william actually makes money. 

Main Earning Sources

Montel William is basically a Television Personality, Radio Show Host, Journalist and Actor. He mainly earns from different tv shows. Montel also generates money by hosting radio shows. 


If you ask me to list my top 10 motivational speakers I would surely include montel in the best 5. He is a true inspiration. He has to face many rasisional barriers and yet he came out of all of them successfully. You can hardly find any person like Montel who has so much talent.

After resigning from the active duty commission, Montel decided to become a motivational speaker. He was noticed by “Freddie Fields”, who was The Glory producer. He wanted him to run Montel his own show “The Montel WIlliam Show”. He ran this show for about 17 seasons. This show gave him a new look and introduced him to an audience who actually wants to hear him. He was awarded EMMY for his Outstanding performance as a talk show host in 1996. Montel is a great inspiration for the young generation. He has won many hearts by his motivational speech. Actually motivational speech sometimes boosts a person’s mentality to become the real champion and Montel was actually helping these people. Let’s see the early life of Montel William.

Montel William net worth

Early Life

Montel William or Montel Brian Anthony Williams took his first breath on earth on 3rd July, 1956 in Maryland. He went to Andover High school where most of the students were white. But Montel didn’t care about it. He broke the barrier and became the president of the school in 1974. His father was also the first black to become fire chief. His father was like an inspiration to him. After his graduation from school Montel joined Marine and later on he went to Naval Academy Prep School. It should be noted that Montel was a good student since his early life. He graduated with a bachelor of science in engineering.

Legal Issues

In 2011, Montel William was arrested in Mitchell International Airport because of carrying a pipe which is used to possess drugs. After our research we found nothing more about legal issues featuring Montel William.

Personal Life

Montel was the youngest son of his parents. He was the fourth child of them. Montels father is “Herman William Jr.” and Mother is “Marjorie William”. Herman William Jr. was the first black man to become the president of American Firefighter Chief.

Montel William has two daughters named Ashley Williams and Maressa Williams. Their mother was Montels first wife named Rochele See. Later on Montel married Grace Morley in 1992 and they had a son named Brian Hank Williams who was born in 1993. Unfortunately their relationship didn’t last longer. They were divorced in 2000. Montel was single for about 7 year. Then he proposed Tara Fowler who is an American Flight Attendant and she is still his wife.


Montel Worked on both American military and Navy. He left his job in 1989 as an active-duty commissioner. He then focused on becoming a full time motivational speaker. He was noticed by Freddie Fields who gave him to run his own show “The Montel William Show”. He worked in the show for about 17 seasons. He also worked on other shows like “Touched by an Angel”, “JAG” and “All My Children” etc. It is reported that montel also worked as a director in a film named “Little Pieces”. In 1999 montel was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The then raised fund for people who are suffering from sclerosis. Montel is a true inspiration. He worked hard and came out all of his barriers in his life.

Interesting Facts

  • Montel William is the first Black Student who became president of Andover High school in 1972.
  • Montel William can speak in Russian and Chinese language.
  • Montel Williams’ father was the first african american person to become the firefighter chief in the USA.


  • Who is Montel WIlliams Current Wife?

Ans: Tara Fowler is the current wife of Montel William.

  • How many children Montel William have?

Ans: Montel William Have 3 children

  • When Montel William was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

Ans: In 1999.

Summary Table


Real Name Montel Brian Anthony Williams
Date Of Birth 3rd July, 1956
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland
Wife Tara Fowler
Children 3 Children
Profession TV personality, Actor, Radio Show host.
Net Worth 10 Million USD
TV Show Name “The Montel William Show”, “All my Children” etc.


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