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Net worth

Plies is an american rapper who has a net worth of $14 million U.S Dollar. According to different sources like Celebrity Net Worth , Plies has over $6 million dollar.


Main Income Sources

As a rapper, plies mainly earn money from music sales. He often takes part in different programmes and gets paid for his performance. Plies and his step brother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte started a record level named ‘Big Gates Records’.



Algernod Lanier Washington also known as ‘Plies’ born on 1st July 1976 in Fort Myers, Florida, United States. He is well known as a rap singer and songwriter. Plies and his step-brother founded ‘Big Gates Records’ in 1990. After signing with Slip-n-Slide Records, Plies released three albums within three consecutive years from 2007-2009. From then to now plies has grown his fan and followers day by day. Plies is a very talented rapper. His debut album ‘The Real Testament’ was released in 2007 and it was ranked no.2 in US Billboard 200 in 2008. The album had 17 tracks. His another hit song ‘Shawty’ was released on 17th July, 2007. This song crossed 1 million sales and it ranked on 62th position in US Billboard Hot 100.


Early Life

Plies’ early life wasn’t similar to other celebrities. He went to Fort Myers Senior High School in his early life. During his high school time, players used to play football. His role was defensive back and receiver. Plies was known as Homecoming king and also was labeled as ‘Best Dressed’ by his class. 


After finishing his high school he got admitted to Miami University and joined the Nod Washington football team. He continued his football career from 1995-1997. Later on he was transferred to University of Central Florida. He was then dropped out. 


Legal Issues

According to Wikipedia and other sources plies were charged for concealing illegal weapons in 2016 after a shooting at Gainesville, Florida nightclub. Six men were wounded during that shooting. Plies paid $40,000 to get himself out of jail. 

Later on, Plies was arrested in Wesley Chapel, Florida in 2017 for illegal driving under the influence. Alcohol was found in his blood in a roadside blood alcohol content test and he was immediately taken to jail. He was fined $500.

It was reported that plies got arrested at Tampa airport for bringing an illegal gun and $9,000 with him. According to a TSA agent, they saw an X-Ray image which clearly indicates a model 43 gun during a pre flight check. Plies was then sent to jail.


Personal LIfe

Plies was dating his former girlfriend Brandy Lacole from 1994. Their relationship split up in 2006. Before splitting up Lacole gave birth Nijer Lanier Washington, who is plies only son. Nijer was born in Tampa, Florida at the University Hospital. 15 year old Nijer is currently staying with plies.

In 2014 Plies started dating Lira Galore. But their relationship didn’t last long. They ended up in 2015. There were also rumors in 2015 that Plies started dating Angela Yee who is an American radio personality. Since 2015 till today plies was reported to be single and there are no dating rumors yet.


Plies currently live in Greenwich. He has a strong attraction for car’s. He has a GL 450 Benz truck, 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost, Maserati, Bentley, Hummer, Pontiac, Porsche truck and more.



Plies started his professional rapping career in 2003 by founding ‘Big Gates Records’. After signing with Slip-n-Slide Records there was no turning back in his career. He released three successful albums within 2 consecutive years. His debut album ‘The Real Testament’ was very successful. One of his songs named ‘Shawty’ which was released in 2007 was certified platinum and it peaked at 60th position on US Billboard Hot 100. It made it to 2nd position on US Billboard Rap.

In 2008 Plies Released 2 albums “Definition of Real” and “Da REAList”. ‘DA REAList’ Reached 2nd position on US Billboard Top 200. 21,000 copies were sold in the first week of release and by the end of the year more than half millions of copies were sold. 

In 2010 Plies released two more albums “Goon Affiliated” and “Purple Heart”. His album ‘Goon Affiliated’ reached 5th position on US Billboard 200. 

Plies has worked with many artists like K Camp, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne, Ashanti, Gucci Mane, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, and several more.

Football Career

Plies was a wide receiver in Miami University Football team under the name Nod Washington between 1995-1997. After that he was transfered to University of Central Florida.


Interesting Facts

  • Very Few Singers in the world could succeed in their first album and Plies was one of them.
  • Plies earns 2 Million U.S Dollar each year.
  • ‘Da REAList’ and Goon Affiliated were reached at no.1 position in US Rap Chart.
  • His album ‘Da REAList’ sold 528,000 copies Over a Year.


Frequently Asked Questions about Plies?


  • When and where Plies was born?


Ans: In July, 1976 Plies was born in Fort Myers, Florida, USA.


  • Where do plies live?


Ans: Plies currently lives in Greenwich.


  • How Many Kids Plies Do Have?


Ans: Plies currently have only one kid Named ‘Nijer Lanier Washington’


  • How many girlfriends plies have?


Ans: Plies doesn’t have any girlfriend yet.


  • What is plies Real Name?


Ans: Algernod Lanier Washington


  • Who is ‘Nijer Lanier Washington’s mom?


Ans: Plies former girlfriend (1994-2006)  Brandy Lacole

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