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Net worth

According to Nail Buzz the net worth of prettyboyfredo is approximately 2.5 million U.S Dollar. Some other sources said that he earns approximately 1.5 million U.S Dollar per year. Let’s look into the sources of his earnings.


Main Earning Sources

Prettyboyfredo is a youtuber who has over 6 million subscribers. He earns basically from youtube ads or google adsense. As a youtuber he also gets commission for promoting different products on his channel. Now let’s see who is pretty boy Fredo and what he does on youtube.



Pretty much all of us know about youtube. Actually who doesn’t. And guys like prettyboyfredo is rightnow ruling over youtube. He currently has a massive amount of subscribers which is 6.81 million [When writing this article].

Ok now let’s get into the main part. Pretty boy Fredo or Alfred Villa started youtubing 10 years ago. If you look at his first few videos you can see that he uploaded his games videos. He basically uploaded the NBA Games on youtube. But later on he diversified his channel into other content like vlog, review, prank etc. 

In most of the cases for getting view’s and more subscriber youtuber often try to do something different. Alfred was also not different. He tried to feature his girlfriend most of the time and in one video she destroyed adfred’s PS4 and it is one of his most popular video on youtube. And it’s view is increasing like crazy.

Actually if you browse Prettyboyfredo on youtube you can see that there are lots of entertaining videos. His video is now mostly based on pranks, vlog, reviews etc.

prettyboyfredo net worth

Early Life

The real name of prettyboyfredo is Alfred Villa. His Date of birth is 20 August, 1993. His birthplace is Palm Beach in Florida. Alfred is currently 26 years old. He is 1.8 meter or 5 feet and 9 inch. Alfred’s parents abandoned him. He has grown up all alone. He had a miserable childhood life. After his school he joined college and there he developed his passion about online content. He has mainly started his career as NBA 2k Gamer. He struggled at first. In fact almost all the youtubers struggle at first of their journey. But he naver gave up on himself. He tried to combine different content on his channel and thus he was successful to attract his audience who actually wants to see his video.


Legal Issues

We found nothing over internet which covers the real insight of legal issue regarding alfred villa or  prettyboyfredo.


Personal LIfe

We have already said earlier that Alfred’s mom and dad had given up on him. So we found nothing over the internet which cover’s his parents. Alfred has a girlfriend. Her name is Jasmine Jade. She rightnow hanging around with Alfred. 

Alfred, in most of his videos, tried to feature his girlfriend Jasmine. When the topic pranking was in a trendy mood he made lot’s of prank videos with his girlfriend.



As a career alfred has already chosen youtube. In this digital era, Youtube has become a primary source of income in many cases. People love to watch videos on the internet and the content makers are making videos consistently. That’s how content makers are making money.

Alfred is a content maker and he uploads his videos consistently. He tried to combine different kind of videos on his youtube channel. Which helps him to gather people with different taste.

Though Alfred opened his youtube in 2009, he basically started uploading videos in 2014[According to an online source]. At the beginning he uploaded gameplay of NBA 2k. Then after getting inspiration from a comment on his video he started uploading video one per 2 week. Fortunately, his first video which he published in 2014, went viral on online media. Which actually helps him to get more attraction.

Youtube is one of the best mediums for expressing thoughts with your audience. If you have good amount of subscriber, many product manufacturing company will try to reach you to promote their product on your channel. Alfred may also earn in the same way.


Interesting Facts

  • The real name of Prettyboyfredo is Alfred Villa
  • Alfred was abandoned by his parents
  • Alfred was born in 20th August, 1993.

Frequently Asked Question about Prettyboyfredo/Alfred Villa

  • What is net worth of Prettyboyfredo?

Ans: Approximately 2.5 million USD in 2020.

  • How much prettyboyfredo earn per year?

Ans. Approximately 1.5 million USD.

  • How much prettyboyfredo earn per day?

Ans. Avg. 500-4000 USD Per day.

  • Who is prettyboyfredo’s girlfriend?

Ans: Jasmine Jade is the current girlfriend of Prettyboyfredo.

  • Who is prettyboyfredo’s parents?

Ans: We didn’t find enough info about prettyboyfredo’s parents.


Summary Table


Real Name Alfred Villa
Date of Birth 20th August, 1993
Age 26
Height 1.8 meter or 5 feet and 9 inch
Currently Live in Florida
Girlfriend Jasmine Jade
Net Worth 2.5 Million
Youtube Channel Name Pretty Boy Fredo


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