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Net worth

We have researched on many sources over the internet and found the net worth of Steve Gold in 2022 is approximately $29.5 million USD. 


Main Earning Source

Steve Gold was a model before entering into the real estate industry. Steve Gold is a real estate agent. He is one of the well known agents in the real estate industry. He is a television star. He currently runs Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York.

He worked with many renowned brands like Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren as a model. 



Steve Gold is a former model and currently working as a real estate agent in New York. He runs the Bravo’s reality show Million Dollar Listing New York. 34 years Steve’s net worth is $10 million U.S Dollar. Steve is a famous television personality. He joined the real estate business and his career is going up day by day. He is one of the successful and richest real estate agents in the current industry. Steve is a very talented person. While working as a model he moved to this business only because he had 3-4 off days in week. Real estate is a very complicated business system where only visionary and talent people can survive. He not only became successful in this manner but also he became a star to follow. He made himself an idol for the newbies. Let’s dive into Steve’s early life and check out!

steve gold net worth

Early Life

Steve Gold was born on March 1, 1985 in Stamford, Connecticut, United State of America. He is the only son of Nancy Gold and Richard Gold. Steve’s interest in sports was from the beginning while he went to sailboat racing with his father. Steve enjoys other sports like ice hockey, skiing, surfing etc. He is also interested in boxing. 

Steve graduated from Stern School of Business at New York University with a degree of B.Sc in Finance and Marketing in 2007. He was in the New York University Violets Ice Hockey Team. As Steve studied in finance and marketing which is closely relevant to real estate, his interest in business was from the very beginning. In my opinion he adopted the real estate business very easily and quickly because of his educational background. 


Personal LIfe

Steve Gold Passed most of the time in New York City. His dog’s name is ‘Pablo’ which he rescued from Georgia. Steve has two older sisters. One of his older sisters named Laura has a learning disability. Laura is currently staying with Steve’s parents. In an episode of Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve visited his parents and laura. Steve’s opinion about his parents’ relationship is, He wishes to have the same days as his parents.

As per many sources we have learnt that Steve’s girlfriend is a polish girl named ‘Luiza Gawlowska’. In 2018, They met each other and in June 2019 steve and luiza became parents. Their baby name is Rose Gold. The two never announce that they are becoming parents. Later on after Rose was born they unleashed the happy news.

As per different sources Luiza is a broker and she is 26 years old, while steve is 36. Steve and Luiza are getting married. According to Steve is 6 feet and 1 inches tall. 



At the start of the career, while Steve was only 17 and a college boy, he started to become a model. Later on Steve worked with renowned brands like Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren etc. Steve started his modeling career by signing up with a modeling agency named Major Model. After his graduation from high school, Steve flew to paris to work with Louis Vuitton. He walked more than 10 shows in a season while he was studying in New York University. In 2005, while Steve was growing up with his modeling career, he got an offer from a financial investment company. But he tried to focus on modeling. He stayed with modeling for another 3 year until it started getting away from him.


Steve was trying to find his field of work and he noticed one of his friends is enjoying work and making a good sum of money at the end of the day. He finally finds his definite field of interest. In 2007, Steve started his career as a real estate agent. Brown Harris Stevens a New York Based company was the first with which steve started his career. Also in 2007 steve completed an online course to get his real estate licence. 

As Steve was in the Fashion industry for a reasonable number of years, Steve finds a lot of clients from his past connections. Later on in 2010, Steve became vice president of a real estate company named Douglas Elliman.


It was also said that Steve and his friend were working as a lifeguard at a swim club in Italian Center in Stamford, Connecticut.


Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Steve Gold


  • Steve Gold’s oldest sister is suffering from learning disabilities and she is staying with her parents.
  • Steve Gold was a model before he moved on to real estate business.
  • Steve Gold’s Girlfriend Luiza Gawlowska is a Broker.
  • Steve’s Favourite sports are skiing, ice hockey, boxing etc.
  • Steve Gold has a baby girl named ‘Rose Gold’ born in June 2019.


Latest News of Steve Gold

  • Steve Gold kept the secret of becoming a dad before rose gold was born. But after she was born Steve revealed why he kept the ‘sweetest moment of his life’ secret during an interview with bravo tv.

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