T Harv Eker Net worth

Net worth

T Harv Eker is a popular writer. Stated by the ‘wealthypersons.com’, as of 2022, Eker’s net worth is about 3.5 million USD. He is currently residing in the USA. 


T Harv Eker is a Canadian popular writer, business expert and a motivational speaker. He has written many books. Among them, ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ published by HarperCollins, is most famous. The book was listed in New York Time’s best selling books.

Main earning sources

T Harv Eker’s main earnings come from his book sales and courses on finance and business. He also founded a company named ‘Peak Potential’s Training’. Currently he is the CEO of Harv Eker International. He also conducts some mentoring programs where he delivers motivational speeches. These are his main source of income.

T Harv Eker



As a young adult Eker moved to the USA from Canada. There he got admitted to New York University but later dropped out. Then he started over a dozen start-ups but all failed.  Later he got success in the business of retail fitness stores in North America. He eventually built a huge chain of stores which he sold to a fortune-500 company for 1.6 million USD. After selling the store he started analyzing the relationship of wealthy people with their money and wealth. This way he created his theories which he has demonstrated in his books. Eker’s writings often concentrate on the ‘Millionaire’s MInd’. In one of his books, Eker showed that there are 17 ways by which the financial blueprints of Rich peoples’ minds differ from poor people.  

He also founded a company named ‘Peak Potential’s Training’, which was sold to Success Resources in 2011. However the operations of the company are still being supported by him.  Eker has produced many seminars and motivational speeches too. In 2005 the Wall Street Journal called Eker as an example of Changes in non-fiction publishing. 

He wrote a book in 2005 titled ‘‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ which was listed in New York Times best seller book and became number #1 bestseller book in the Wall street Journal. In 1996 he published his first book titled ‘SpeedWealth: How to Make a Million in Your Own Business in 3 Years Or Less’ and in 2018 his third and latest book named ‘True Wealth’.  

He also trains young people and delivers motivational speeches regularly. He has a website titled ‘harveker.com’ through which he sells his books and training. 


Early life

T Harv Eker born in Toronto, Canada on June 10 of 1954. His family was European migrants to Canada. As an immigrant he faced financial hardship in his early life. As a teen he used to deliver newspapers, scoop ice cream and did other odd jobs. Later he moved to the USA. His parents and siblings are unknown to us as he is very conservative about his personal life.


Personal life

Harv Eker is a married person but his wife’s name is unknown because of his very conservativeness about his family and personal life. He is the father of two children. 

Legal Issues

In 2010, Vancouver Sun reported that T Harv Eker was named in a lawsuit of prospective class-action by two individuals who purchased residential properties from people they met in his seminar. In 2007 , the same newspaper published another report claiming that his Peak Potential Training Inc used high pressure sales techniques in one of their courses. They also claimed that Eker and his company infringed the Canadian Consumer Act as of the seminar attendees ticket prices had high variability.  

Interesting Fact

He is very much conservative about his personal and family matters.