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Net worth

According to Net Worth time the net worth of terry crew is approximately 20 million USD. He is an american actor and former NFL player. Let’s see his main earning source.

Main Earning Sources

Basically Terry’s career started as a NFL player. His role was defender and line breaker. So at the beginning he earned from playing. After his retirement from the NFL Terry joined the entertainment industry and he became a famous celebrity overnight. At first he acted on some tv series. Later on he hosted some famous tv shows like AGT (America Got Talent). His main portion of earning source is from the Television industry. 


Terry Crew is a famous American Actor, TV Host and Former NFL player. His Career began as a NFL Player. At the beginning his role was a defender and line breaker. Terry Retired from the NFL in 1997 and then He moved to Los Angeles to start his career as an actor. Terry wasn’t that much successful as a NFL Player though he has played with many clubs like the Philadelphia Eagles, the Washington Redskins, the San Diego Chargers etc. His NFL Career was started with the Los Angeles Rams in 1991 as a professional player.

His acting career began in 1999 as a character athlete (Warrior) in a syndicated game show named “Battle Dome”. 

 Before this he had auditioned for many shows and characters for film but he wasn’t successful. He was a co writer and co-producer of “Young Boys Incorporated”. Though this film was “horrible”, Terry landed in the Hollywood world. Terry didn’t get any acting job for about 2 years after the cancellation of Battle Dome. But later on he started working on commercials, tv shows, music videos etc. The first movie of Terry which helped him to make a landmark in the Hollywood film industry is “Friday After Next”. After that Terry worked on many films and tv shows. He is famous for hosting AGT.

Net worth of Terry Crew

Early Life

Terry Crew also known as Terry Adam Crew took his first breath on 30th July,1968 in Flint, Michigan. Terry grew up in a very restricted christian family. His father was alcoholic and was abusive to his mother. Terry was mainly raised by his mother. Terry received his highschool diploma from Flint Southwestern. 

Terry’s mother was Patricia Crews who passed away on  24th November, 2015 and his father was Terry Crews, Sr. We found nothing much information about his father.

Personal LIfe

In 1989 Terry Crew got married to Rebecca King. This couple has 5 children and 1 grandchildren. Terry Released his autobiography in 2014 where he mentioned he was addicted in porno-graphy. The name of his autobiography is “Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live With One”. The Name of Terry’s children is listed Below:

  1. Azriel Crews
  2. Naomi Burton-Crews
  3. Isaiah Crews
  4. Tera Crews
  5. Wynfrey Crews

We also know Terry has a grandchild named Miley Crews who’s mother is Naomi Burton.


If we look at terrys career we can see that there are two parts. One is his sports career and other is his television career. First let’s have a look at his sports career. The Los Angeles Rams drafted Terry Crews in the 11th round of the National Football League Draft in 1991. During his sports career Terry had played with almost 6 clubs regardingly, the Rams, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskin etc. Terry retired from the NFL in 1997.


After his retirement Terry started to focus on the television industry. We have already discussed his silver screen career in the Intro section.

Interesting Facts

Some Interesting Facts about Terry Crew

  1. Terry was a former NFL Player. He retired from the NFL in 1997.
  2. Terry Started his silver screen career in 1999 with “Battle Dome”.


  • How did Terry’s crew get famous?

Ans: Terry Crew got famous by working on old spice commercials and playing a character on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

  • How much does the Terry crew earn per episode?

Ans:Terry Crew earns $1000 per episode and he has a net worth of $20 million US dollar.

  • Who did Terry crews play for in the NFL?

Ans: Terry Crew played for The Los Angeles Rams, The San Diego Chargers, The Washington Redskins etc.

  • What do Terry Crews do for a living? 

Ans: At first, Terry Crew started his career as a NFL player then he moved to television industry and became a famous anchor, voice actor etc.

Summary Table


Full Name Terrence Alan Crews
Date Of Birth 30th July, 1968
Age 52
Wife Rebecca King
Children 5
Net Worth $20 Million USD
Height 1.91 Meter
Profession Comedian, Actor, Bodybuilder

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