Toby Fox Net worth

Net Worth

According to some sources the net worth of toby fox is approximately 4.5 million us dollar. Toby fox is a youngster. He is a famous game developer and composer. Lets see his main earning sources.

Main Earning Sources

Toby Fox is a famous game developer and so his main earning source is from the gaming industry. As he is a hard working person, Toby became one of the richest people. He actually develops and sells games in the industry. His game Undertale won many awards. Let’s see who Toby Fox is.


Toby fox is a famous video game developer and composer. His one of the most famous games is undertale. Undertale took almost 2 year to develop and release. The only version of undertale was released in September, 2015. This game became game of the year by Zеrо Рunсtuаtіоn and Тhе Јіmquіѕіtіоn. 

Toby Fox Net Worth

Early Life

Toby fox was born on 11th October, 1991 in Massachusetts, USA. He studied Environmental science in Northeastern University and used to post his work and music on a forum called Earthbound(Fan site) by the name “Radiation”. Toby Fox still uses his alias name “Radiation”. He became famous by publishing “Earthbound Halloween Hack” and caught the attention of many music composers and game developers.

Legal Issues

After researching over the internet we found no issues regarding toby fox. If there is any update we will publish it here.

Personal Life

Toby fox doesn’t have any girlfriend yet. We found nothing about his parents over the internet. 


Tobys game changing movement was publishing “Undertale”. Which made him millionaire overnight as the game was sold to almost 2 million people. Fun fact is this game cost him only 50 bucks. 

Toby released “Earthbound Halloween Hack” and came to the limelight of music composers and game companies.

Interesting Facts

  • Toby’s first game cost him only 50 USD.
  • The earnings from Toby’s first game was 2 million usd.
  • The ROI of his first game is 4000000%