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Net Worth

Todd White is a widely known American pastor and author who was an atheist previously. He is a musician as well. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $1 million.


Tod White is a widely known minister all over the world. He is among those ministers in the world who are seen being important for the greatest gatherings and arena occasions all around the world. He is also known as the Senior Pastor of Lifestyle Community Church. He is also known as an evangelist who is seen saying ‘Wherever you go, you should take God’. He is well known for his simplicity while sharing the word of God. Todd White is known as perhaps the most regarded minister.

Main Earning Sources

As a Pastor, Todd White mainly earns from his ministry. He is gaining popularity day by day. As a result his net worth increased from $500 thousands to $1 million within a year. He has a youtube channel named ‘Todd white’ where he has more than 573K subscribers. Some of the videos have crossed millions of views. He also earns a decent amount from that youtube channel.


Todd White is a senior pastor. But before this, he was an atheist for 22 years. The atheist has brought a radical change in his life. He started preaching the Gospel of the kingdom after he encountered the presence of God with the help of his teacher Dan Mohler.

Todd was given an opportunity to operate under the ministry by Dan Mohler. He also operated with the Neck Ministries. He opened the Lifestyle Christianity Church in 2014. Later Lifestyle Christianity Church and Dan Mohler’s Church were merged together as Lifestyle Community Church. After the merging, Lifestyle Community Church moved their headquarters to Dallas. Now they travel around the globe to preach the Gospel. They also share messages on mobile platforms.

Todd white has always been known for his simple lifestyle and the way he shares the words of God. His inspirational life and teachings has now listed him in the category of top YouTubers net worth.

Early Life

On may 24, 1975, Todd White was born in Canada. We couldn’t know about his parents and siblings. The very popular American pastor has kept his early life a secret. As a result we couldn’t know that much about his early life and education.

todd white net worth

Personal Life

Todd white is a married man. He is married to Sarah white who is a songwriter, singer and musician by profession. Details about their children are not known yet, but this couple is living a happy and peaceful life with faith in God.

Legal Issues

Any legal issues against pastor Todd White are not found yet.

Interesting Facts

  • Todd was a drug addict before he started preaching the Gospel.
  • He was going to end his life with a gun, but miraculously he was alive.
  • Todd is available in social media  like YouTube and twitter, but surprisingly, his wife is not available in social media. However, her photos can be seen on Todd’s social media profiles.

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