Token Rapper Net worth

Net worth

According to Wealthy Gorilla the net worth of Token (Rapper) is approximately 0.3 million USD. Some websites predicted tokens’ yearly income. In 2017 token earned approximately 2.2K USD, in 2018 he earned $830 USD, in 2019 he earned $26.5K USD and in 2020(So Far) $11.1K USD.

Main Earning Sources

Everyone knows Token as a rapper. So as a musician, token earns most of his revenue from the music industry. As a rapper, Token got his fame from a rap song he uploaded in his youtube channel. His youtube channel name is ‘tokenhiphop’. As a youtuber token earns most of his money from youtube ads. He has already earned $11.1K U.S Dollar so far this year.


Token was born on 24th September, 1998 in Massachusetts. Token is a famous rapper who uploads his music on youtube. At first Token got no response from the audience he was looking for. But one of his songs named ‘No Sucka MC’s,’  got viral on the internet. People started knowing about the token.


Most of us don’t know the real name of Token. The real name of Token is Ben Goldberg. Token is a  very young rapper in the rapping industry. But within little time he has already established a career in this industry. At the start people loved to hear his voice in the youtube and sound cloud.

Token Net Worth

Early Life

Token started rapping from an early age. He started writing and singing at the age of 13. He started to sing beside the road. In the beginning, he was shy to sing. But soon he came out of the introverted act. He realised that people are loving his songs. This thing gave him inspiration to start his career in the rapping industry.


Token was suffering from the learning disorder from his early age. His parents were not stable in their relationship. So Token witnessed several quarrel between his parents. Token’s father, Steve made his first appearance in a famous show called ‘Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime 2000’.


Token was really hopeful about his career as he was getting responses both on stage and online platforms. His friends and family also inspired him to get into the rapping industry. He wrote his own song. Most of his songs at an early age were written when he was alone. Token was bullied in his school. He engaged in several fights in school.  

Legal Issues

We found no legal issue regarding Token and his career.

Personal Life

The names of the token’s parents are Linda Black and Steve Black. Token was born and grew up in Massachusetts, United States. Token has dated a couple of girls so far according to some sources. But he never publicized the news as Token wanted to keep private things behind the door. As per many sources, Token is still single. But we can’t assure you about that. There is not much news about his future marriage.


Token actually started his career at the age of 13. He started singing beside the road. People started noticing him. At the beginning he was an introvert in nature. So he was shy to sing. But soon he came out and started singing. He was suffering from learning disabilities. So his parents didn’t stop him from singing. Token started  his own youtube channel on August 26, 2012. He started uploading his music on the youtube channel and sound cloud. People start loving his voice. Point to be noted is that Token first uploaded his video on twitter and had many appreciation. He started his youtube journey from his friend’s suggestion. After receiving so much appreciation over the internet token finalize the stage name for himself [Token]. Token was first highlighted after releasing his song ‘No Sucka MCs’ on youtube. This video went viral on youtube. 


Interesting Facts

  • Token was suffering from ‘learning disabilities’ since his childhood.
  • Token released his first video on twitter [Not Youtube].
  • Token opened his first youtube channel on 26th August,2012.
  • Token got fame for his song ‘‘No Sucka MCs’’
  • The real name of Token is ‘Benjamin Daniel Goldberg’ or ‘Ben Goldberg’
  • According to many sources, Token is still single.
  • Token’s Dad steve made his debt on famous show ‘‘Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime 2000’’


Frequently Asked Questions About Token [Ben Goldberg]

  • What is Token’s Age this year?

Ans: Token is 20 years old. Date of Birst: 24th September 1998.

  • How many relationships Token had so far?

Ans: Token Had at least only one relationship so far.

  • Why is Token Famous?

Ans: Token is famous as a rapper. 


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