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Thomas M Gardner, popularly known as Tom Gardner who is one of the three co-founder of The Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter. As of 2022, his net worth is around over $22 million. Currently, he is the CEO of The Motley Fool.


Tom Gardner is a 53 years old American Businessman as well as co-founder of The motley Fool which aims to find the most promising small public companies for investment. He has also collaborated on several books, including ‘The Motley Fool Investment Guide’, ‘You Have More Than You Think’, and ‘Rule Breaker’ as well.

Main Earning Sources

Tom Gardner is an American Businessman. He conceptualized a unique forum in which a company of individuals could talk through and upgrade their financial decisions free of cost. From the company of Motley Fool, he gets the most of his earnings. Also as a co-author of several books, he gets a decent amount.


At the age of 18, Tom & his older brother David Gardner had long been interested in money management. They opposed the lure of wall street and instead became its competitors. Although he had not any formal training in finance, Tom Gardner planned a unique idea in which a company of individuals improve their financial decisions complimentary of cost. Tom and his older brother David Gardner started The Motley Fool  in 1993 so that they can help and teach people about saving and investment.The investment newsletter was widely misfired in the following year. In this year, Tom assisted the investment newsletter on America online (AOL). When they realised that the internet is a perfect convention for their business product, they began the Motley Fool site on AOL in August 1994.They used this as a solution for helping people. In this page they wrote stories, essays, provided market awareness,& recommended when,where & how much subscribers should perfuse.they also suggested the kind of return subscribers could look for their money.

In the first year Tom completed 40 points ahead of the market. Business quickly outgrew the shed. Tom Gardner beated that their consequence was absolute because it created a shift in power from big-money creators and brokers to “the little guy” who had never before had convenient and affordable access to investment information. He also believed it was successful because of its simplicity.

Now Tom is  the CEO of The Motley Fool. This website distributes more than 5 million people all over the world each month.

From his career, he has gained a title along with the good fortune of money. In the coming period, his net worth and annual profit will surely rise up.

Early Life

On April 16, 1968, Tom Gardner took his birth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. Although we could not know about his mother, his father was Paul Gardner. Discussing his education and qualification, he appeared to be a qualified and educated person. Tom studied at Brown University and  with the position in English and Creative Writing, he completed his B.A. in 1990. Although he later got two master’s degrees through University of Montana, he left the programs as The Motley Fool was gaining attention. In the year 2000, he did his Ph.D. from Strayer University.

tom gardner net worth

Personal Life

By nationality, Tom Gardner holds American citizenship and is of white ethnic background. Tom Gardner is a contentedly married man. He got married to his long-term girlfriend. The name of his wife is Elizabeth Rex Hundley. Before getting married they were in a long time relationship. Now, the couple is very happy in their little world.

Legal Issues

We could not find any legal issues against Tom Gardner.

Interesting Facts

Tom Gardner tends to keep his personal life private. Among all these social media, he is only available on twitter.


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